AJ Chair
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AJ Chair

Great Value at a good price

The standard of office chair is changed. An office chair with both perfect functionality and appearance and the mechanism to allow everyone sits comfortably is going to be delivered to the office all over the world! The production of AJ Chair redefines the standard of cost VS performance – fine quality.


Gentle But Strong

The leaning back of AJ Chair is made by the strong polyamide resin. It is durable for long-term usage and is flexible to accommodate with different bodies.The ventilation and the flexibility of the mesh structure is good, so, people do always feel comfortable even though they sit on AJ Chair for a long time.

Ideal Elasticity Distribution

Mesh structure pursuing an ideal elasticity distribution can control the variation ratio which similar to the combination of different size and shape and achieve the optimal holding sense.

Auto Sensing Mechanism

The reclining system adopts auto-sensing mechanism. It achieves the optimal reclining strength that responds to the users’ physique and posture.


Fabric Colours

Nude Back With fabric Seat and Headrest with Nylon Base

Fabric Seat and Back Without Armrest and Nylon Base

Fabric Seat and Back with Headrest and Aluminium Base

Nude Back Fabric Seat and Aluminium Base

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