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Ideas Inspiring Creative Workplaces

Can Co-Working Spaces benefit from the Pandemic?

In this era of new normal every organization is carving their definition of their style of working. Flexible workspaces are a practical choice as companies rise up to face the new normal. With the impact of the pandemic taking effect during Q2 2020, the decline in absorption was seen across all the markets. The past few years have witnessed an unparalleled success for co-working in India. Initially the concept took off very well in India as it was a revolutionary shift in the Indian traditional workspace to a more flexible, accessible and affordable co-working space. But due to the lockdown and disruption due to COVID-19 the co-working industry had taken a setback. However, medium- to long-term fundamentals remain sound as corporate occupiers seek out alternative options to reduce costs and capital expenditure. As a result, even the most conventional occupiers are now seeing the merit in co-working. The post lockdown scenario

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How the pandemic has changed the way we work

Wellbeing and Safety: First and foremost is that safety and wellbeing of employees takes precedence over everything else. The current economic crisis has also pushed the bounds of how employers view the employee experience. Personal factors rather than external factors take precedence over what matters for organizations and employees alike. Employing such measures can be an effective way to promote physical health and improve the emotional well-being of employees. Increase in Remote Working: Remote working has not only given the employees to work with safety, it gives the opportunities to expand critical competencies employers will need to collaborate digitally. Further it also brings the cost incurred per individual for the organization. Companies tracking may differ to analyse the employee engagement on the level of productivity, mails, coordination, involvement and understand the employee experience. An organization has to be prepared to adjust employee experience strategies and should take into consideration whether and

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7 Steps to Disinfect your Office Furniture and Chairs

We all know that how important disinfectant, sanitisation and cleaning is a mandate of precautionary measures against Covid 19, it is equally important to understand their literal meaning and their effects on the materials in an office set up. Covid 19 has drastically changed our style of living or working whether we are working from home or from office. It is important that we understand the disinfectant process. The highly premium ergonomic set up n the office has to be clean and disinfected properly First, we need to understand the difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting. Cleaning involves removing visible soil and nonvisible microbes (e.g., bacteria, viruses, and protozoa) from an area or object. Cleaning typically involves mechanical action (i.e., wiping or scrubbing) and use of a general cleaner such as soap and water. Cleaning does not usually kill microbes, but instead reduces their presence by removing them. The number of

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Everyone Can Have A Good Posture

Does your work involve you sitting at a desk for extended periods of time? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes. Hunched over a keyboard is how a lot of people spend their working hours, and it can have potentially devastating effects on your health in the long term.

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Work From Home: The New Normal

With this outbreak of COVID-19, many organizations are forced into having their employees work from home. Major companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google have already implemented remote work policies for many of their employees.

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