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Magnum Sadoshima brings Kokuyo to India, our philosophy is to create workspaces that augment creativity and productivity amongst people in their lives and work. An amalgamation of strategically designed furniture and fine stationery, Kokuyo aims at building a more creative society.

A creative society isn’t complete without inquisitive young minds, and for that we bring to you, Otsu. Otsu aims to make furniture that is comfortable, safe and durable. Each component of every piece is meticulously designed.

Magnum Group is a growing supplier for steel components and press parts for the
automotive and furniture industry.

Our Vision with Magnum Sadoshisma Ispat:
– Transform the office and workplace industry.
– Provide our customers the best value and customer service in the industry.
– Provide high quality, safe, durable products to make the lives of our
customers more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Journey

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